Our Approach

Get out and make a memory. Life is so short. Time goes so fast. We want to make sure memories are made. Events and times that we create and remember have a lasting effect on the lives that our family lives.

Our Story - From the Dads point of view

We are a family of all boys (and mom, bless her heart). To the one who never grew up camping, me the dad, let me say that this is not a past time that is easy. However, it is an event that bleeds in to the sole. For all the efforts that it takes, I witness discovery in my kids that penetrates their sole. Investing this kind of time greatly impacts their perception. Witnessing as they soak up nature makes it all worth the effort. Hopefully though this site you will understand the values that can be realized through camping.

Meet the Team

Team. That is definitely what it takes.

My job is to produce white knuckles, get parked, make the site safe and prepare for the trip home.

Her job is to make sure we all have everything we need, all the food we think we need to eat, and the glue that binds and keeps this experience together

Soakers and reapers of the rewards with minimum effort.